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Circular on convening the fourth general meeting of China Wool Textile Industry Association
Time:2017-05-31 Source: Anonymous

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China Wool Textile Industry Association of the Third Council is about to expire, according to the relevant provisions of the articles of association, it was decided, wool textile industry association Chinese scheduled for December 18, 2010 to 19 in Suqian City, Jiangsu province held the fourth session of the general assembly, a comprehensive summary of the Third International Association Council, elected a new session of the Council, the Council of fourth work ideas. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Arrangements for meetings

1, meeting time: December 17, 2010 -19

17 days all day report, 18 day meeting, 19 morning visit, after lunch on behalf of the return trip

2, conference venue: Suqian Jiangshan Hotel

Address: No. 88, Jiangshan Avenue, Suyu District, Jiangsu, Suqian

Telephone: 0527-84480888

3. Delegates: members of China Wool Textile Industry Association and specially invited representatives. Because the meeting has important agendas such as elections, the candidate (or delegate) of the four Council shall, in principle, be present at all.

Two main agenda of the meeting

1 plenary session

1) listen to and consider the work report of the Third Council of China wool textile industry association;

2) listen to and consider the financial report of the Third Council of the China wool textile industry association;

3) to listen to and consider the report on the amendment of the articles of association of China's wool textile industry association;

4) election of the Fourth Board of directors.

2 and fourth sessions of the Council

1) elect the executive director of the fourth council;

2) election of the president, vice chairman and Secretary General of the association;

3) other matters to be reported to the general assembly;

4) the working ideas of the Fourth Council and the outline of the 12th Five-Year rules of the wool spinning industry.

3. Special report on the general assembly

The meeting will invite the government, industry associations leaders and experts, in-depth analysis of the industry situation, interpretation of the textile industry development prospects, industry "12th Five-Year" planning and development strategy.

4, Suqian investment policy introduction.

Three, meeting related matters

1, conference fees: each representative charge registration fee 1000 yuan (meal fee, fee information etc.).

The meeting arranged accommodation, the cost of self-care.

Accommodation standard: Standard Room: 220 yuan / day / room (including double early) single room: 300 yuan / day / room (including single early)

2, because there are no direct flights and trains in Suqian, the meeting will arrange transfers, December 17th in the Nanjing Lukou Airport, NanJing Railway Station, Xiuzhou Guanyin Airport and XuZhou Railway Station arrangements for car pick-up / car. Please fill in the exact flight number / arrival time and arrival time for the meeting representative to arrange for the meeting group.

3. Agenda and arrangement are detailed in the meeting guide.

Four, to facilitate the meeting organizing related activities, and to ensure that the participants of the accommodation, please be sure to fill in the receipt on behalf of (Annex I), and in December 7th before the receipt please fax or email to Chinese wool textile industry association secretariat.

China Wool Textile Industry Association Secretariat contact: Huang Shuyuan, Leng Yang, Zhang Shuqin

Telephone: 010-85229423

Fax: 010-85229493

E-mail: cwta2@ml.ctei.gov.cn

Suqian economic and Trade Commission industrial and commercial investment office contact: Xu Lujie

Telephone: 0527-84338545

Fax: 0527-84338541