0f8a065c060a5522db233dd1184dc065.jpgCulture: liberal atmosphere of human communication, rigorous work, service attitude.

Philosophy: integration of Humanities and products; integration of products and services; service and customer integration.

Equality: no matter what position, only Division of labor and responsibilities, regardless of employee bosses, only cooperation and dedication.

Enterprise real (ten) force:the chairman's charisma, influence, cohesion; general manager of the appeal,organization, executive power; professional managers of the driving force, collaborationForce, preaching ability, staff's fighting ability;

Enterprise spirit: quality reflects morality, reputation and personality.

Business strategy:to the world, to the future, to create brilliant achievements.

Quality policy: careful production, the pursuit of perfection, innovation, continuous improvement.

Implementation standards: national standards are only qualified standards, customer standards is the highest standard.

Quality target:the first grade rate above 95%; customer satisfaction is more than 95%.